Puerta’s Gallery is dedicated to providing programs that are fun, imaginative and designed to promote creativity, community and engagement.

Programs with Purpose

Get creative, relax and enjoy an exciting paint night with a tailored theme, special guest, music or community collaboration focus.

Gather the kiddos for a fun learning experience designed to build painting skills and communication.

Building and sustaining strong teams isn’t always easy. Art can be a bridge to build relationships and communications in a creative way.

Art is the heart of every community. Engaging in art programs or using art to engage in community is the key to building strong communities.

Recent Programs

Paint & Pinot for the Planet

For Earth Day, we invited the Sierra Club to join us for a night of painting and pinot (wine) to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness.

Arizona Voter Protection

Puerta’s Gallery hosted a voter protection event with candidates and community activists dedicated to protecting voters’ rights.

Lawyer Retreat

A group of lawyers participated in the “Big Pic Program,” which is designed to bring colleagues together for a fun, creative team building experience.