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The Big Pic Program

Many companies and organizations rely on numerous departments, offices, vendors, subcontractors and alliances to operate and achieve goals. Sometimes, fissions within or across departments can derail the work environment. Not understanding how all the pieces fit together to produce results, can often leave individuals feeling misdirected and unproductive.

Teams exist in all facets of our lives and we need them to accomplish our goals. When teams are effective, the results can be truly amazing and exceed our expectations. When teams are not effective, individuals can feel unmotivated, frustrated and unproductive. It’s not easy to build and sustain an effective team, but it is possible.

The Big Pic is here to help. Designed for 5-50 participants, this fun, innovative and interactive program uses artistic expression, group discussions and team activities to demonstrate how all of the pieces fit together to make a great team and produce results.

The Big Pic Program is comprised of five activities designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to strengthening teams.

1. Icebreaker + Mix & MIngle

2. Individual Expression + Painting

3. Group Discussion + Communication

4. Team Building + Game Change

5. Mural Reveal + Wrap Up Discussion

Lawyer Retreat

Mural completed by 60 participants from different offices on 60 canvases. Mural depicts the 5 different states in which participants work: Los Angeles (1), Phoenix (2), Nevada (3), Colorado (4) and New Mexico (5).