2018-2021 Artful Politics

In Artful Politics, artist Dorri Thyden uses symbolic elements to encourage audiences to discuss politics and policies that impact life in the U.S.

show: Artful Politics

Artful Politics served as the opening show for Puerta’s Gallery, which is an art gallery dedicated to creative expression, critical thinking, civics education and community engagement. See some photos showing how the first event came together.

program: AZ Voter Protection

Throughout the years, voting laws have been at the center of political strategies for better and sometimes for worse. In 2018, Puerta’s Gallery hosted a voter protection event with candidates and community activists dedicated to protecting voters’ rights.

show: Us: What divides us and what united us?

In September 2020, Dorri Thyden’s painting “Heroines” was selected for the international online juried exhibit at the Touchstone Gallery in Washington, D.C.

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