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Enviro Sprial 2019-2022
Artful Politics 2018-2021
ArTechtic 2013
Moods 2011-2013
Southwest 2010-2011
Flowers 2008-2011
Capitol Colors 2008
Perspectives 2003
Recent Paintings

“art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

More Paintings

Commissioned Paintings

Take a look at some of the commissioned paintings I have been asked to do over the years. Commissioned paintings are a great way to personalize a space or give as a gift.

Painting Vault

I have been asked many times about the painting process. It is sometimes hard to explain. Here is a fun look at a few of my paintings coming together.

Kitchen Sink Paintings

Many times – even being super busy is relaxing when you are painting. Here are some random paintings that don’t always have a purpose.- except to be created.

About Dorri Thyden

Dorri Thyden has been involved in art projects for more than 20 years in Washington, D.C., California and Arizona. Inspired by the vibrant colors and larger than life landscapes of the southwest, she likes to create large, bright and vivid paintings with a creative perspective. She focuses on everyday objects or themes and applies a unique spin and massive splash of color. With her background in government, law and politics, Dorri also gravitates towards creating political art that depicts themes related to civic engagement and awareness.

Shows & Exhibits

Art as Politics Show, Touchstone Gallery, DC
ArTechtic Show, Hanger Gallery, LA
Carbon & Color Show, Puerta’s Gallery (PHX)