2011-2013 Moods

Moods gallery is, well, moody. These paintings reflect a time of imbalance, sadness and anxiety. Yet, the colors and lines are meant to convey a movement and passing through dark or hard times. There can be beauty in pain in that it reminds you of better times – neither exists without the other – each benchmarks the other.

exhibit: Sunnyslope Art Walk

In October 2011, I participated in the Sunnyslope Art Walk. The art walk and festival is an annual community event established to further the unique cultural character and creative assets of the Sunnyslope Community, to advocate for the continuing presence and role of the arts and small business in the health and growth of the neighborhood, and to foster a livable, diverse and walkable urban community.

exhibit: SpoonZ Cafe

A staple of downtown Phoenix’s business community, I was honored to be asked to display some of my artwork at Spoonz Cafe aka “the Artful Gourmet” – at both their 2nd Street and 1st Ave locations.

Established in 2010 by Garry and Denise Bismore, SpoonZ Café radiates artistic energy – from the recipes perfected by the owners to the creations adorning the walls. Originally started as the Silver Spoon Cafe at the Hotel San Carlos and the Daily Grind Coffee & Bakery Emporium at the Phelps Dodge Tower, these downtown local eateries merged to create SpoonZ Café.

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