Community Programs

Policy and Civics Discussions

Puerta’s Gallery hosts gatherings that provide opportunities to understand and discuss how democratic processes work, as well as how to engage in these processes builds an informed citizenry and strong community. Topics range from local to international issues.

Political and Issue Fundraisers

Support of strong leadership and government requires engagement in the political process. Hosting a fundraiser at Puerta’s Gallery is one way to help political candidates get elected and propositions passed that benefit you and your community.

Book Talks and Signings

Sometimes the 24 hour news cycle can get both over saturated and myopic. Puerta’s Gallery offers book discussions that cover a deeper dive into issues, stories and information that can broaden perspectives or provide an escape.

Community Volunteer Programs

Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress and anxiety, increases self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose. Puerta’s Gallery routinely partners with organizations to support and organize volunteer initiatives that strive to improve people’s lives.

Candidate & Leadership Training

Want to make a difference? Running for office or pursuing a leadership role can be an amazing way to engage and help your community. Puerta’s Gallery works with professional trainers and coaches to create workshops that give you the tools to be successful leaders and trailblazers.

Coaching & Team Building

Successful businesses are a cornerstone for strong communities. Puerta’s Gallery partners with professional development coaches and offers custom workshops focused on team building and effective management techniques to help businesses thrive.

Looking for a unique team building or social event with friends, family and colleagues? Puerta’s Gallery can help customize a fun art event that includes creating or learning about art, while enjoying food, drinks and camaraderie.