The Door



The Door is a gallery and art space dedicated to creative expression, critical thinking and community engagement. By combining her experience in politics and civics with her love of art, Dorri opened The Door to serve as a creative outlet for people to learn and engage in politics and the community through art. A democracy can only work when its constituents are informed and active participants. Knowing and understanding how to source and evaluate accurate and unbiased information is critical to a successful democracy.

The same process and critical thinking skills used to evaluate art and creative expression can be used to dissect and analyze political issues and rhetoric. Very rarely what is on the surface is the full story.

By focusing on political art, The Door fosters a multidimensional and in-depth approach to evaluating ideas and perspectives through creative expression. From cave paintings to pop art, the visual representations of ideas and information have always been used to communicate culture, ideas and historic events. The Door uses art to encourage and foster an open mind and critical eye toward the ideas we share and the information we consume.


What’s in a Name?

In 2018, I opened Puerta’s Gallery on Miracle Mile in Phoenix. However, we quickly outgrew the space. We soon needed a space and location that would allow us to do more programs, so we opened a new space on Roosevelt Street in Phoenix and called it The Door. While the original Puerta’s Gallery remains focused on highlighting artists and artwork online, The Door serves as a gathering space to learn, create and view art.

So what’s with all the doors? It is a play on my name, Dorri. Growing up my family and friends called me “Dorr.” Plus, I have always loved doors – they can represent so much. They can be welcoming. They bridge spaces together. They serve as a first impression and display personality.