@ Girl | 36" X 48" | $575

Original Paintings

Own an original!

All Dorri Thyden original paintings are listed on this site. Shipping is included in the price of the painting.  Simply contact me at with the painting you are interested in. If an original painting you desire has been sold, you should consider a custom painting. You can customize the size and even colors that meet your needs. PayPal available.


Blue Burst | 36" X 60" | $1100

Custom Paintings

Know what you want?

Custom paintings are a great way to put more of you into your home or office space. Canvas size(s), colors, subject matter are all up to you. Original reproductions of any Dorri Thyden original painting are also available. If a painting you like has been sold or if the size or colors aren’t quite what you’re looking for- you can custom order a reproduction that fits your style. If you are interested in commissioning a custom painting, please contact me at for more details. Costs depend on size. Paypal available.


Road Trip | 36" X 24" | SOLD


Signed and numbered.

Prints of Dorri Thyden’s paintings are available for purchase. Print sizes range from 8″x10″ to 20″x30″. Prints may be purchased framed or unframed and are signed and numbered. Contact me and let me know what painting(s) you are interested in having a print of and I’ll send you more details – Costs of prints generally range from $50 to $300. Paypal available.








Events | Showings | Installs

Interested in hanging paintings in your office, building or work space? Or interested in having that extra creative touch that includes exhibiting original artworks at an event? Contact me to find out more at






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